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Implant Dentistry – The best alternative to healthy teeth and long life


One of the best options available in modern history for replacing missing teeth is dental implants. The dental implant is made of titanium which makes it last long and also natural looking that integrates into the jawbone and also keeps it healthy. The titanium that the dental implant is made up of has an ability to Osseo-integrated (i.e., to fuse) with living bone. Read more here!

This unique ability was first discovered accidentally in the year 1952 by a Swedish orthopedic surgeon. A lot of research and testing was done until the first dental implant was first carried out in the year 1970. Over the years, it has become even better with advancement with technology and right now, there are about 40 different types of dental implants, and millions of people have benefited from it.

When compared with the other options of restoring missing or damaged teeth, dental implants are usually considered the first choice to make use of. Why is this so? The answer lies in the following:

The long term solution

Dental implants are built to last long term solution. In the case of traditional, tooth-supported dental bridges, they can only last a maximum of about ten years when properly taken care of. Hence they will eventually need to be replaced at some point in the patient’s life. Dental implants, on the other hand, can last for the entire lifetime of the patient when properly fix, needing only a few periodic adjustments.

 Retain your natural face shape and smile

The teeth play a significant role in shaping one’s face. With the teeth, the face will only sag and appear to be sunken and sad. With dental implants, it helps you to maintain and further enhance the beauty of your face shape and smile.

Communicate easy

The primary form of communication between humans is to speak with is done with the mouth. Making use of removable dentures in your mouth can lead to difficulty in pronouncing some everyday words. Dental implants help to eliminate this problem by functioning just like your natural teeth. get full info coming from http://www.CosmeticdentistinBocaRaton.com

Eat your meal 

dentistWhen eating with removable dentures or other alternatives, you get a bit uncomfortable which will not let you enjoy your meal. However, with the dental implants, you can eat virtually anything, and you will enjoy it as if you are making use of your natural teeth.

More predictable than other restoration methods known

According to the statistics of the previous patients that have used dental implant treatments, there can be said to have been successful long-term outcomes, and it is regarded as being more predictable that any other type of treatments to replace or repair missing teeth that includes bridgework, and others.

There are a lot of advantages that dental implants have over other alternatives for dental treatments. There is a higher chance of success with it among other things. To increase your chance of getting the best, it is good for you to get the services of the best dentist around, for example; you should look for the best dentist in Boca Raton  for the best services.

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