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Are You Considering Breast Implantation? Here Is What You Need to Know

Breast Implantation

According to Dr Farber who is a specialist for breast implants in Boca Raton, breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that uses your breasts Implants to enlarge/reduce it or change its shape. This is a technique that has been employed by most of the women world over, so let us understand more about it

Here are the major Questions to ask yourself if you want to have a breast implant in Boca Raton

Are you choosing a certified doctor in a certified facility for this surgery?

The doctor of choice should be certified by the American board of plastic surgery and they should also be members of the American society of aesthetic plastic surgery, they are the only plastic surgery group that are members to the American medical specialities. I emphasize on this because it takes the doctors 10 years to be members of this group after college and by this time they will have acquired all the necessary skills. The clinic that will offer you the surgery should also be certified.

Saline and silicone implants major differences

These are both safe methodologies, a lot of research has been done to confirm the notion that silicone implants are bad only to find that it’s safe to use. Saline implant only requires a small incision because they are inserted into the breasts and then the saline is filled through a tube while silicon is pre-filled and thus require a longer incision. Saline is also firmer in texture than silicon yet silicon is a little more expensive.

The kind of incision is used for breast implantation

There are 3 kinds of incision used for breast implantation

IMF incision; it is the most popular technique where the implant is placed under the breast thus hiding the scar.

Areola incision; here the doctor curves the incision at the darker skin of the areola which is very close to the milk duct.

Underarm incision; it’s the most hidden incision placed under the arm.

The size of implant to choose

This is the part that is loved by women. But you need to know the size of cc implant you desire, consult with your doctor for further advice.

How to reduce the pain

Always find a doctor who specializes in pain reduction after the breast implant in Boca Raton as this will give you some ease during the healing process.

How much does it cost for breast implant in Boca Raton?

Doctors consider many factors before making an inclusive price for the surgery and depending on the doctor you can take time to research and pre-qualify if the surgery is going to be affordable.

Lastly, consider this tip if you are going for an implant or have already gone for one

  • This surgery means a lot to you, communicate well with your doctor so they figure out exactly what suits you.
  • If need be, bring pictures to show your doctor exactly what you want.
  • Ensure you do not engage in heavy objects lifting after surgery.
  • Because of the incision avoid swimming pool after surgery because the chlorine can affect your incision.
  • Be watchful for possible infection.
  • Massage your breasts every so often.
  • Monitor your breasts for potential ruptures in the long-term and call your doctor if need be.

There are many doctors who specialize in breast implant in Boca Raton, use the above factors to help you make a good choice as that will determine if the surgery comes out perfect or not.

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